I’ve been fooling around making covers for my novel Woman of Fire, Man of Ice. I’m also considering changing the title. I’m not a very good cover-maker, in summary. Here are some attempts. (You can just ignore the dimensions, I’m ignoring that until I actually know what size I’m going to need it.)





ImageI think I like the last one least and the candle/shell one the most. However, the shell one makes no sense with my current title. Dunno what I’m going to do, but I’ve wasted an afternoon figuring out basic gimp tools.

6 thoughts on “Covers

  1. This is, to me, the hardest part of self publishing! I am lucky to have someone to design the cover for my upcoming novel. But for the novella I just self-published, I used a free template on CreateSpace because I just couldn’t come up with anything.

    What is the genre of your novel? I find the image of the last one the most intriguing, but it is a bit hard to read in the current layout. You could try putting a band of black at the top and bottom, maybe? Then the title would stand out more clearly. The shell/candle image is definitely the most readable, though. They have a kind of “romantic, summer beach read” vibe whereas the black and white woman seems a little heavier.

    Good luck!


    • I dabbled around with the createspace templates but I just didn’t want my cover to look exactly like every other self-published novel, I guess.
      My genre is fantasy/romance. It’s not whimsical and light-hearted, but it’s hard to find a cover that still says “romance, but kinda serious” rather than “dark thriller”. For me, at least, since I’m only working with free stock images. I don’t actually need to have a cover right now, it’s just something I’m messing with to avoid having to type up all the edits to my novel :p


      • Haha, I hear ya! I’d pretty much rather do anything than edits….

        I think you will be able to use a more serious image, with a cursive type font to balance out the “dark thriller” feel. When I’m buying a book, I rely a lot on typeset to tell me what I’m in for. Thrillers have a kind of standard look with big, bold dramatic letters. Romance novels are often so scriptive they’re hard to read (a mistake, in my opinion)

        I have spent a lot of time looking at cover images that I like from my genre and thinking about what I like about them. I’ve been surprised to find that the image is only a small part of the over all feel I get from a novel. A lot can be done with typeset and layout. More than I ever gave credit for!

        Makes me wish I’d taken some design classes when I was in university (I managed to get a minor in fine arts without ever studying design!) Have fun with it, though. I’d like to see more mock ups!


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