Preparing to submit for publishing!

First off, I changed the name of my blog and my picture for wordpress, so I hope that doesn’t confuse anyone.

Secondly, I’ve prepared my manuscript for printing so that I can use all the free print credits here at school and steal all their ink. I’m paying thousands in tuition, I deserve it. I still have to do a cover letter and synopsis, but I have some time as I can’t mail it until I get home anyways, so I’ll give myself two weeks to get that done. After that, it will be off to the publisher and I should expect a generic rejection letter within 4-8 months. Way to be optimistic, I know!

Seriously though, I’m submitting to a place that gets like two trillion submissions a year. I don’t really expect anything to come of it, I just have to try. After that I might find another publisher that accepts submissions without agents and is in my genre, but most likely I’m going to self-publish. Just being realistic here. I know what I write is good, but sending it to the wrong agent within the company on an off day, or realizing that my novel has too slow of a start for them to consider it, or if they just accepted ten manuscripts in a row and they don’t have time for my shit; all of that could lead to a rejection letter. I 100% believe that getting into the market is all about luck.

You know that thing about how Rowling was rejected X amount of times but she still made it (or conversely, that Twilight is a piece of shit and it made it)? If you look at Rowling’s first two books (possibly the third one too, I don’t remember) the writing isn’t that good. The plot is fabulous, the setting is fabulous, all those writing elements are fabulous, but the books just don’t read like the later ones do. She improved herself for the last books, but the first books were probably rejected for a reason. Publishers took a look at the writing, thought the plot was okay, but ultimately didn’t think the writer was that good. Their loss, clearly. But seriously…. how the hell was Twilight published?

This is a bit of a tangential rant now. I haven’t even mentioned that it’s Kiss of the Fey I plan to publish. But yes, in summary, I plan to submit to 1-3 publishers and then if that doesn’t work out I shall self-publish.

2 thoughts on “Preparing to submit for publishing!

  1. It’s always a good idea to have a plan. It’s so weird. I was thinking about the Harry Potter series and wondered whether the writing had improved much from the first to last book- read them ages ago and only read up to book five.
    Also, is there a reason that you’re going straight to the publisher without an agent? (new to your blog so don’t know if you’ve mentioned this already a million times before…)


    • I’m currently in college so I don’t have the money for anything. Right now there is about $70 in my bank account and I have rent due on the 1st. So basically, I just can’t afford it and shall only be submitting to publishers who accept agent-less submissions.


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