End of May Writing Update!

5604. Not my original 10,000 goal, but good enough. No editing, on Kiss of The Fey, though, so I have yet to submit it for publishing. So poo. I’m upset with myself for not writing as much as I wanted (even if I had just spread that 5604 over more days I would’ve been more happy) but what’s done is done. I’m working full time at Wendy’s, my boyfriend and I just technically moved into our new apartment, and my computer is a piece of shit.

Some time over winter break, Best Buy directed us to the power cord to buy for my computer since the current one snapped in two. We ordered it and it didn’t fit my computer. None of the cords in the store fit my computer. My charger plug isn’t in the shape of a pentagon or something, it just goes really deep into the computer. After we realized that no cords fit my computer, my dad got the cord back together, but it started coming apart so I taped it to a pencil. I have to hold it just right, or my computer won’t charge. In addition to that, my touch pad has uninstalled itself from my computer. My computer just doesn’t recognize that it’s there and I have no idea why. It happened before and I just reinstalled it and it was fine, but it’s not working this time. I’m so done with my computer. It’s only just a little over a year old. This is bullshit. So I went again and backed up all my novels and short stories with my boyfriend’s mouse. /rant

Anyways….! How is everyone else doing with their writing goals? I hope you’ve all had better luck than I have!

3 thoughts on “End of May Writing Update!

  1. Well you’re doing better than me. There is danger in measuring too much by word count – it can be a good motivation, but often it’s more important to get the quality right at the expense of the quantity. And good luck wtih getting the computer fixed. There’s nothing quite like the white rage that a stubbornly misbehaving PC can generate in an otherwise relatively mild-mannered writer – I’ve often felt like tossing mine out of the window (possibly without opening it first).


    • I do better with just getting the words out there rather than worrying about quality. Yeah, if I push past a writing block with utter nonsense then in editing I’m going to have to scrap it all, but by getting from point A to point B I can continue on with the story and finish instead of giving up because I can’t get B quite perfect.


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