Game of Thrones

Okay, I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but I just wanted this post this in case anyone has been on the fence about watching it.

Watch it! It’s wonderful. If you’d rather read the books first, that’s fine, but then you need to get the books ASAP. The videos can all be found online on whatever streaming site you’re fond of. I’ve been reading the books as well (I might post a review of them at some point, but it’d feel a bit like reviewing Harry Potter… completely pointless) and I can say that reading the books will not take away your enjoyment of the show and the show won’t ruin the books. I’m glad to have watched the show first, even though I had planned to do the opposite, because I like how all the characters are portrayed. The only ones they really mucked up was Sansa’s aunt, who was supposed to be fat, and The Hound, who should have been more gruesome looking. However, it’s TV, so they were just trying to make it appeal for everyone. And I still love The Hound. Proof:

the-hound1However, if you don’t like randomly seeing boobs or some white guy’s ass every once in a while, stick with the books. You just never know when you’ll be flashed…


Anything to add?

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