I have to “white wash” my book cover

In Kiss of The Fey, my main character Johara is from the south. She has darker skin like that of an Indian/Mexican. Not black, just tan. I finally found a stock image of a girl I can use for the cover, only…. she’s pale white. Like, really white. I don’t think I have the photo editing skills necessary to darken her like she should be.

Still, I FINALLY FOUND A GOOD IMAGE TO USE FOR MY COVER. I was okay with the other one, but it was a little blah. I took cover requests on the nano forums (warning people that they would be shit) so that I could improve my photo editing skills… and it actually worked. Or, at the very least, I learned how to finally use layers right.

But anyways, I now think I know some of the issues behind white washing the characters on the covers of books. White people are sometimes just easier to find.

3 thoughts on “I have to “white wash” my book cover

  1. Hooray! Finding cover art seems like the worst… there’s never anything that fits just right, and it’s so important that it does (because as lame as it is to admit, people do judge books by the cover…). Anyway, that’s great you found something.

    I did want to mention that I do editing, cover art, and other art-related services. For stuff like this, if you want a few helpful tips, or just help with it, just let me know! 🙂


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