I’m getting married!

…. in 2-10 years. I admit, I don’t have a fiancé. I don’t have a plan. However, I found this and I love it so much that I want to plan a wedding around it. I want a fairy tale wedding anyways, with fairy lights and little mason jar lanterns as the center pieces, so this would just be perfect. I would use that color blue for the bridesmaids dresses and everything would be fabulous.

I’m sorry for this post of nonsense, but I wanted to share that beautiful piece. I’m not saying that I’m going to spend the next hour on Etsy looking at wedding stuff rather than writing/editing, but…

6 thoughts on “I’m getting married!

  1. That is a gorgeous floral headpiece. 😀 Your future wedding sounds just as beautiful. My fiance wouldn’t go for a fairytale theme. However, blue is one of the two wedding colors that we chose, heh.

    I can totally relate to the whole “spending the next hour on Etsy” thing, hehe. Planning a wedding can be so distracting. I’ll be writing and something will spark an idea for the decor (or whatever) and I’ll end up spending the next hour looking up stuff on wedding and DIY websites.


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