Edit: Here is the Amazon link for Kiss of The Fey!


“kiss of the fey amazon”

SOMEONE TRIED FINDING MY BOOK ON AMAZON. Granted, they may have been searching for another book, but there aren’t any prominent books out there with that name (I know, I checked before deciding on the title).

You, you person, you are the best. I know it’s not my mom, too, because I’ve been using her computer all week.

As for news for Kiss of The Fey, I’m going over it one last time to check for any extra errors. Once that’s done, I’ll be formatting it for Kindle and ordering a proof copy to review from Createspace. Then it’ll be a waiting game between whenever that’s finished and September 1st. (I’ll say once again to follow this blog for updates strictly related to publishing, so none of this nonsense).

I am just happy as a clam right now. Thank you, random person, for making my day that much better.


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