13 thoughts on ““I’m ugly no boys will like me”

  1. I’ve thought the same about my own appearance and that no boy would ever find me attractive. Especially when I was in high school. I was overweight and i have psoriasis which leaves raised, reddish bumps on my skin that can flake off any time. However, I too seemed to have found someone, yes I am thirty and this is my first serious relationship, just about my only one too. But it can happen. To all the girls out there, stay positive, and live for yourself, not for anyone else or their ideals.


  2. I hope that person finds this post! I remember feeling un-lovable as a teen, and I wish I could go back and tell myself it gets better.
    #8 made me smile…trading pie for manual labor…very clever…I wish I had been nearly so bold with my nerdy computer science major college boyfriend (now husband) when we first started dating 🙂


  3. Well I’m ugly, thought the mirror was lying to me, and now I must learn to just live and find better replacement for people. Perhaps that’s not healthy, and it’s not, but it works.


    • No, that’s the point of this whole post! Beauty is entirely subjective. You think you’re ugly because popular media has a very specific idea of what constitutes as “beautiful” and is constantly cramming that idea down your throat. The world is HUGE, I can absolutely guarantee that there is someone out there who thinks you’re beautiful.

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  4. Thanks so much for your inspirational writing…….I was beginning to give up on love n dating, I really needed to read this..


  5. This is true for a lot of other people but not me. Im too akwardly social and there’s a million flaws about the way I look. I want to believe others don’t just love each other for the way they look but I’m beginning to believe that’s not true


    • But it is! You just need to meet more people and find someone who shares you values, just make sure you’re not accidentally ruling people out for the same reason. The thing to remember is that everyone feels insecure, and most people are too busy analyzing all their own flaws to notice ones that might seem glaring to you. Just keep your head up!


  6. There’s this guy and I swear we would be going out if I was as pretty as his past girlfriends (the first of which he would still be with if she hadn’t moved to a different continent!). We have so much in common and totally get each other but today he was telling me about boys requirements for girls and that’s where I fall short. At the end of the day, boys are still boys so I’m doomed… Sorry to post a negative comment in a great article!


    • Then why even worry, who’d want a guy like that? In the end, you’re going to want a person capable of loving every part of you, and someone who can maintain than love as you get old and gross. For every rejection, you’re just getting closer to actually finding the right guy.


  7. Great post! I have been boy crazy since as long as I can remember but none of them ever liked me back, except when I was a kid. I was pretty, but something changed while growing up. I won’t lie that I also want someone to like me, but a part of me knows that I first need to work out my own insecurities and issues. Most guys go after pretty girls, I don’t fit the bill, that won’t change. No matter if I try to focus on studies or my dreams, deep down I still wish at least one guy would genuinely like and care about me, but that makes me feel as if I am pathetic.
    PS – Your love story is really sweet!


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