I sold my first book!

So, I’m sort of an official author even though my book isn’t for sale until September 1st. Allow me to explain…


If you notice (which I didn’t until I got my proof copy), I spelled Charlotte with three Ts. I facepalmed and posted a picture to Imgur, basically saying “I’m a shithead, look at this.”

An hour later, someone messaged Charlotte Cyprus on Facebook. They said that they saw the typo and read the excerpt (available here if you’re interested) and were really looking forward to buying the book. They also said that they wanted a copy of the book with the typo on it. (I mean, if I do become super famous that will be worth a lot of money… but I doubt that that is going to happen.)

I set up a Paypal account and asked for $10. She sent the $10. I went on Createspace, reuploaded my files, and bought a proof copy that was shipped directly to her. The only thing that comes with the proof copy is a slip saying what is in the package, so it doesn’t have any sensitive information in it. She still has to receive the book and I still have to wait for Paypal to clear the payment (they hold it for reasons, I dunno), but when that happens I’ll have made $1.74 on my first book. Soon I’ll be rolling in the cash.

So yeah, basically the weirdest first sale ever. Also the most legit one, because it was just a stranger who saw my book and liked it, I didn’t know this woman and it wasn’t a friend or anything. I think this might be a good sign on how my book will do when it’s actually available for sale.

Until then, I’ll just sit here celebrating, because go me!

9 thoughts on “I sold my first book!

  1. I’ve always been of the opinion that “we write, therefore we are authors” but anytime one makes anything off a book, they it feels legit real! I freaked out over selling 11 copies of one book, mostly by people I knew who were mentioned in it!


    • I consider anyone who finishes a novel an author, but being able to actually sell something to someone who I don’t even know really solidifies it. Even if that one lady is the only one who likes it, I’ll still feel proud of myself :p


      • Indeed! Don’t you just love that feeling though? Mine was mostly completed and shared with FB before I self-published. But knowing someone liked it, well honestly, I giggled. A lot. Still do! Congrats!


      • Yeah, I had mine posted to FictionPress before another one of my novels was stolen. I took everything down, but I had readers from there who always gave me amazing feedback. Now I’m just hoping that it being more visible and out there will be a good thing.


      • I ended up taking all but three chapters down once I self published. But mine was on my Facebook page, and no one but my friends and coworkers read it, really. Good luck with your book! I’ll have to check it out!


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