Publishing is SO MUCH WORK

It is. Seriously. Like I understand why some self-published books look like poo. A lot of effort needs to go into those books to make them legit.

Here is a gif related to nothing.



But yeah, if I can’t get a real job after school I’m totally going to start my own self-publishing business. Just basically connecting with authors who want to self-publish and formatting/editing/finding a cover for them at a reasonable cost. I’ll be prepared for it by then, because I’ll have two or three of my own books published by then and also I’ll have worked for two years at my school’s writing center. Let me tell you, you have not seen the decline of America’s education system until you’ve read the ENGL100 papers that I’ve seen.

School starts Monday, and my last day of work is tomorrow. I have to pack all my stuff up for school (and it’s an apartment, not just a dorm, so I also have to shop for food and such) and head there on Friday, I have a job interview on Saturday AND I’m volunteering to answer Freshmen questions for two hours AND my parents are coming up with some bigger things that won’t fit in my car, then Sunday will basically be preparing for school. I won’t be posting a lot until I settle in, probably.

However, this is also a reminder that Kiss of The Fey will be out on the 1st! I barely have any time left. I thought that I’d be set for August 1st and I was like no, I’ll wait just in case, and thank god I did. I’m ordering my (hopefully) last proof copy with all the final corrections as soon as CreateSpace is done approving the files.

Basically there is a lot going on right now. A lot. No time for blogging, only packing.

Anything to add?

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