My Bookshelf: The Timekeeper’s War


Title: The Timekeeper’s War

Author: S.C. Jensen

Genre: Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic

Amazon Summary:
She can find anyone, for the right price—anyone, except her sister.

Ghost searches for her in every dark and desperate corner of the City. But her so-called life changes when she returns home to find a mysterious stranger with an offer to make history…and to find her sister.

A terrorist. One of the most feared figures in the City—and he needs Ghost’s help. Lynch is out to infiltrate, and destroy, the oppressive Ursaar Empire, a scaffolding of untouchable, glittering bridges and buildings above the City’s surface. He offers Ghost a chance to join his cause, to be a part of history in the making, and—more importantly to Ghost—his aid in finding Lyca, ten years gone. Between Lynch, Ghost, and an enigmatic group of scholars called The Timekeepers, the City will soon be reborn.

But Lynch’s plan means war. If Ghost agrees, she must delve deep into the heart, and darkness, of the City and its truths—and her own. Lynch will change everything she thought she knew about their world. How far will her search for Lyca take her? And can Chost live with who she has become once she finds her? ”

My Summary:
In the post-apocalyptic world where the sun is deadly and most people live underground, Ghost receives a warning she doesn’t understand just before a strange man shows up in her home, a man known to be a terrorist to the Empire that lives safely above them. She’s thrown into a battle she doesn’t understand, searching for answers and for the sister she lost as a little girl. S.C. Jensen mixes romance with the gritty reality of this new world (really, romance isn’t a big part, it’s just the part that I enjoyed). She keeps you guessing and interested with the intrigue of the Timekeepers.


  • It’s a unique idea. I don’t read a lot of science fiction so I could be wrong, but I thought it was unique.
  • I like that the characters are casually bisexual, like sexuality is no big deal.
  • I like how the different perspectives added to the story. They each had a different voice, and Ghost’s voice was the strongest.
  • I loved the plot twists with Lynch and Lyca.
  • It was a fun read.


  • I thought it moved a little slow some of the time, but that might just have been me. There were lots of chapters so I expected the higher numbers to mean that I was closer to the end, but that wasn’t the case. Plus I hate reading on the computer, so there was that.

Would I recommend it?:
Yes! I really enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel. Check it out!

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Author’s blog:


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