Review: Kiss of the Fey

Gabriella Crivilare

While this is not the type of novel I would ordinarily choose for myself (the author, Charlotte Cyprus, asked me to review it), it was a fairly enjoyable, if short, romantic fantasy.

The novel shifts its point of view fairly frequently, but the main character of the narrative is Johara, an illegitimate daughter of the king of the southernmost kingdom. At a ball, she is stabbed with a magic dagger, placing her in a kind of limbo. She’s rescued from this fate quickly by Xenos, the disreputable king of Malum. As a reward, he is given Johara’s hand in marriage, and they travel north to his kingdom. The rest of the novel is concerned with the burgeoning relationship between the two, and Xenos’s curse.

Three different fairy tales seem to lend inspiration to Kiss of the Fey: “Sleeping Beauty”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and perhaps “The Snow Queen.” (More…

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