Don’t Lose Momentum While Writing!

I cannot stress this enough. I wrote the first quarter of A Game of Madness then put it aside, then picked it up again this summer and wrote up to the halfway point. Now I have to start again with no idea what to write or how I should go about getting to the end of the novel. I forget what happened previously and the characters’ voices are all but lost in my head. It’s going to be like pulling teeth to get started again, and I need to finish it before November.

When you start writing something, finish it. Even if it’s only 100 words a day, that’s better than nothing. If you can’t find any inspiration to write that day, don’t wander from your story. Take a character quiz or draw a map of your world; anything to stay invested in it. I’m beating myself up for letting so much time go between when I started writing A Game of Madness and now. I need to finish it, but the spark is gone. I need to make a new spark and get my ass in gear!

I have all the time in the world, but I’m procrastinating to avoid starting to write again. I’m hoping that once I get some more reviewers, I can give a little less attention to publishing Kiss of The Fey. I’ve read that there’s no use marketing a book if it’s the only one you’ve published, so that’s why I want to write more in the first place. Once I get the ball rolling again I should be fine, but in the meantime I’ll continue trying to remember why I even started writing this anyways. :\

5 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Momentum While Writing!

  1. Oh my gosh! You are exactly like me! I feel like I’m reading the story of my life right now lol I’m on my second novel and as soon as I hit the half way point, I stopped and procrastinated. Now I’m struggling to get back on track. Sat down for two hours just to read and remember tonight. I also tend to wander off on other stories I have locked away inside me. Nice to read someone else going through the same struggles cause I thought I was the only one.


    • I’m thinking that’s what I’m going to have to do, just read through what I have, but then I’m afraid I’ll see all the inconsistencies that are already there and waste time rewriting it rather than finishing the first draft. I think I’ll be better off just writing on regardless of if I’m going against what has been previously set or not, because I can just change it later.


      • Yeah, I know I went back and changed things that didn’t seem interesting enough. I’m hoping to get back to writing new material tomorrow. Blogging has taken over my night now


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