Will my college bookstore have condoms?


Well, do you live in the deep south at a private school? If so, the answer might be no. I know someone who goes to school in Mississippi and the prefects will fine her if she swears and church is mandatory, so if that’s your school I doubt they give out condoms at the bookstore. However, I’m sure most public universities or large universities have condoms either in the bookstore or in the health services office (along with free cough drops and shit medical advice).

If you have to, ask an RA for condoms. Like, colleges don’t want you getting pregnant and infected with STI’s. If you ask for condoms, you shall receive.

/random advice

And now I shall share a lovely quote from my sociology professor’s lecture today: “Kids are stupid. Teenagers are stupid. Arranged marriages came about because young people are morons. You’re all horny morons. You got went vagina and hard penises and you can’t be trusted with these kinds of decisions! That’s why we let the old people decide for you, because they don’t have went vagina and hard penises so they can think straight!”

Anything to add?

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