Review of Charlotte Cyprus’s “Kiss of the Fey”

anindita roy

Kiss of The FeyKiss of The Fey by Charlotte Cyprus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Set in a mystical world full of magic, kings, queens and balls, this book describes the story of an illegitimate princess and a much-feared king- both of them unloved by everyone and joined by their cursed fate. But is it really a curse or a blessing in disguise? Cyprus takes a formulaic story of doomed love of the Beauty and the Beast and magics it into a twisted tale filled with interesting characters and heart-melting love. However, the writer’s main fallacy is that she gave up on the story much before she should have. The characters should have been much more fleshed out-they had so much potential. Xenos is an interesting character but nothing is ever said how he got his horrid nickname. Johara is better sketched out but her sorrows get over before I could even…

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