Vanity Press Alert!

This is just a quick reminder that you shouldn’t be paying anyone to get published. They pay you. That’s how it works. Ignore all comments like this one, they are a total scam:

scamNo. Bad Craig. We don’t like your sort.

For those who may Google this:

Is Cawing Crow Press legit? No.
Is Cawing Crow Press good? No.
Cawing Crow Press. Cawing Crow Press. Cawing Crow Press.
Is Cawing Crow Press a scam? Yes.*
Is Cawing Crow Press a Vanity Press? Yes.*

If you are worried about your book, hired an EDITOR. A reputable one.

Lmfao, went to his site. It is the least legit thing ever. This post isn’t even necessary, his website is screaming THIS IS A SCAM.

Update: Craig is back. He posted a comment that I sent straight to spam because I do think it’s spam, but here’s what it said:

I’d like a moment to comment on your post. I am truly trying to offer a way for people to get quality books published. It’s not a scam, I am dedicated to this model where we work with the author to get their manuscript up to par for publication. Maybe the real scams are the places that milk authors for all the money they can. We don’t do that. We offer a product, for a very low price, that will work for many. Maybe it’s not for you, but to call it a scam? I think not.

Yeah, interpret it as you will. I think it’s a scam. I doubt his services, if they are at all useful, are worth it for the price. If he didn’t want people thinking his website was a scam, he should’ve taken a graphic design class, not based his website around the layout of the GET GIRLS TO DROP THEIR PANTIES WITH THESE THREE EASY STEPS sites, and not gone around SPAMMING people in place of advertising.

Another update: He is bothering me to take this down but I won’t. In my opinion, you should not waste your money on his services. I can direct you to services geared towards self-published and indie authors that are reasonably priced.

*UPDATE as of 4/15/15: Craig is no longer charging a submission fee for submitting a manuscript, meaning Cawing Crow Press is no longer a Vanity Press. However, after talking with an author thinking of working with them, I still would advise against working with Cawing Crow Press. If you just want to be able to say that you have been “published” then they probably won’t try to scam you as far as I can tell, but they aren’t going to do anything for your book that hundreds of indie publishers couldn’t do better.

4 thoughts on “Vanity Press Alert!

  1. Also, cawing crow press will allow a writer and artist to have a contract for the book cover, BUT Craig retains the right to deny the art and even better if the artist does not give him 100% of the rights he denies the cover all together. In order for 100% of the rights to be given, the publisher should be paying a hefty fee. Well, Craig expects this for free. He does not pay for the rights at all the writer does. In fact, when a boiler plate standard publisher/author/artist contract was signed which gave the publisher & writer permission to use the art for not only the book cover, but also for marketing including posters; he still denied the use. He wants 100% for free. Honestly the only reason i can think of for wanting this, is so he can use and/or modify the art in a way that was not intended and use it for other book covers. I have not worked with him personally, but I am very aware of this occurring with others author/artists.

    Artist don’t give you rights away, unless you are being paid very well for it!! You did the work too and should be paid for it.

    Authors, your book is your baby, your blood, sweat and tears. If you have a particular vision for your cover and have been able to get it achieved, you should have what you want.

    Personally, I can’t even figure out what exactly cawing crow press does. Okay so they edit…what else…some kind of publishing…a bit of marketing…maybe? The website is not really clear. So you pay to have the edits and then they also get 30% of each book sold. What are they doing to earn 30%? Also, what is Craig’s background in publishing & editting? The last time I checked he didn’t have a resume listed for himself concerning why you should trust him with your money and manuscript. How many people work for/with him? So many more questions, but their website offers no answers.


  2. Dang- my brother just signed a contract with this company. I’m a published author & his book is fabulous- what a shame.


    • If the book is good it’s still better than letting it sit on a hard drive but he’s likely signed a contract of some kind which will make it impossible for a traditional publisher to pick it up so sales will be limited. It’s best to treat it as a self-published novel and get very involved in marketing (asking for honest reviews in exchange for a free copy, getting involved with bloggers who do reviews, etc.) and make sure the cover looked professional. I recently visited to make sure this post was still valid and the covers of the books featured were terrible (and the books themselves had little to no reviews).


      • Thank you Charlotte- He’s so darn touchy about it cos I think he knew he blew it… if it does actually ever become available, I will promote the heck out of it. I published a children’s book back in 1994 with Harcourt Brace & even tho an established company they RUINED sales by insisting on a name that made it sound like the boy had a bad day. The rights have reverted to me- I might try to do something with it again but I have a lot of others PB finished & a novel nearly completed. Unfortunately once my kid were grown & gone I developed a lot of health issues so the brain is willing but the body is weak,


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