Starting Strong for NaNoWriMo!

Hello all! I still don’t have a computer, but as soon as I knew that my computer was on death row, I ordered an AlphaSmart. It looks a bit like this.


I got this model because it was the cheapest, though I think there were better, newer models. The keys are pretty tough, I have to slam down my fingers to get the letters to take, but I’ve written 4.8k so far, so I’m pretty happy with it. It came with a cord that I can use to transfer the files I type to the computer, but it’s pretty slow. It transfers it by emulating a keyboard so you have to wait for it to type everything out. My boyfriend has been patient enough to let me transfer everything to his computer since I’m paranoid that it’ll stop saving for no reason. But yeah, hasn’t happened yet, though it’s only been a day.

I’ll post some general nano tips later in the month, preferably when I have a computer I don’t have to feel guilty for using. For the rest of you, keep up that word count! Day one (technically two) is no time to be falling behind!

Anything to add?

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