Tips for Teasers

Say no to electrical outlets.

Cover Your Dreams

Have you heard of teaser graphics? If you spend any time at all on social media such as Facebook or Pinterest, you’ve definitely seen them. Teaser graphics are like magazine advertisements for your book. They are comprised of a quote from your book laid over an image that evokes something about your story.

Roughly, I do two types of teaser graphics:

One, if I have designed the cover then I use the raw images, composed in a way to allow room for the quote while still highlighting the brand of the book. Here are some examples:

Two, if I haven’t designed the book cover or if the author prefers it, for example because they want a number of different teasers, then I use a meaningful background image with the quote from the book over that. In those cases I advise authors to let me include the book cover, as this helps…

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