Editing Disaster

So I was all ready to edit Only in Whispers. I had everything printed and ready to go. I printed it a while ago, actually, but let’s not talk about how long I put off starting.

Editing the prologue? That was fine. Prologues are short. No big deal.

The first chapter? I realized oh, there are a lot of mistakes. Oops. I got out notebook paper to write down all the notes that didn’t fit on the page.

I got to the fifth chapter, and I realized I made a terrible mistake. You see, editing Kiss of The Fey was a very drawn out affair. I started the very first draft back in high school, but it was just published this September. I had a few years to run through it a few times and get rid of all the nonsense things before I actually printed it out and looked hard for errors.

Only I forgot that I did that. So now I have a printed first draft of complete poo. (Well, not complete poo, but it’s poo enough when trying to edit it by hand.)

I am officially throwing in the towel and typing up the corrections I made so far then doing the rest digitally. It will save me a lot of time and grief.

the horror

the horror

5 thoughts on “Editing Disaster

  1. It’s definitely an annoying process. I never edit on the computer, though. I always print the first draft right off the bat. I like being able to hand write my notes, putting post-it notes on the pages, etc. When I re-type it it’s like going through it again. Sometimes I end up editing my edits. I feel like it’s a two for one deal.

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    • I just hate the process of typing up and correcting all the notes. Possibly because my handwriting is really terrible, but also because it just takes so much longer! In the end, I’ll probably print out a later draft just to look for typos in a different format, but I think I’ll stick to the computer for the big changes :p

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      • I don’t mind typing up the changes. I find that easier than actual editing. It’s kind of like a break from editing (even though I’m still actually editing) so I look forward it.

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