My Guilty Pleasure

I watch real estate shows. House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love It or List It… I love ’em. When I’m at my parent’s house, I’ll change the channel to HGTV and subject my whole family to housing shows, and my mom will sit there are yell at the woman on Love It or List It for never renovating everything she promised to.

But further than that, I go on Craigslist to look at apartments in Seattle or Montana. I go to to look at houses near Pittsburgh that fit all my wishes (out of the way, big lot, woods on the property, fireplace) and waste hours looking at houses and planning how I’d renovate them. No, I am not in the market for a house. I’m in college and will have a legitimate reason to look at apartments in about 6 months, but not before then.

This is just a hobby completely unrelated to writing. Does anyone else share a similar hobby? Something silly just to pass the time?

13 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure

  1. I love House Hunters! I’ve actually been binge watching that on Netflix the past couple of days. I’m bummed because they only have 25 episodes on there. My sister enjoys looking at apartments and such online even though we can’t afford them.

    It’s nice to think about, though.


  2. Oh I hate it when a first time home buyer with no money thinks they are going to get a palace. I’m always like – stop nitpicking ! Or when Americans go abroad and are disappointing they don’t have a center hall colonial. I’m like – Be grateful You’re in Paris!!!!! I yell at the tv too 😉 You should def do something in the field of real estate being that is your interest. 🙂 I look up penthouse apts in NYC and dream about being a published author.

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  3. I think, if the light plays with shadows in just the right way to take me places, my great-grandmother’s kitchen, or Saturdays in the fall, I’d be happy. Then I remember that I like rainy days.

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  4. Hum…. I LOVE doing renovations!!! Though, I burned out on the tv shows. A friend who is a realtor told me about clients of hers, a young couple, who signed up… when the tv people were gone, they were left with a horrendous mess. Electricity cut off, none of the pipes to the bathroom or kitchen hooked up. Me? I am a straight do-it-yourselfer who is self taught, from books to ‘hum… let’s see, it looks like it goes this way. . .” ROFL It is SO Much FUN! As for third world countries, well, I bet my retirement would go a lot farther in someplace like Brazil or Venezuela… Hum….. 😉

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    • I would never sign up for one of those shows, but I just like seeing different interior design projects and seeing what goes into tearing up tile, taking out a wall, etc. When it comes time to actually doing anything, I’ll probably buy a million books and watch 6 hours of YouTube tutorials before trying anything… and then still mess up :p

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      • LOL! Nah, you will do fine. It is like doing an edit… you simply take it slow, one word (or one step) at a time, and before you know it, you are stand there with pride in your heart as you look upon what you have done! Of course, starting small helps. . . 😉

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