I’ve decided to have a real adventure

So this May, I’m graduating. My boyfriend is not. The plan was for me to get a job, find an apartment, and be all ready for him come May of next year. However, I jokingly said “Well how would you feel if you were stuck here at school and I was backpacking all over Europe?” Then I thought…. what if I actually do that?

By April, I’ll decide on whether or not I’m going to commit and buy the tickets. However, I’m almost certain that I’ll do it. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, and now is the perfect time. I plan to see Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, but I almost may change that up a bit once I start looking more at an itinerary.

My parents are already freaking out over my plan to go alone, but I’m determined to keep myself safe. Plenty of women have gone to Europe alone and not been viciously killed.

Have any of you ever backpacked through a foreign country?

5 thoughts on “I’ve decided to have a real adventure

  1. Well, if you ever decide to come to France, be sure to tell me =) I would be glad to meet you, I’ve been following you in the shadows for quite some time, and I would very much like an opportunity to meet a fellow writer 😉 (though I haven’t published anything yet ^^)

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    • If I go I will for sure be in France, but the furthest from Paris I’d get would be Versailles and *maybe* Chartres depending on how my budget was doing. But if you’re in that area, I’d love to meet up! 🙂


  2. I’ve backpacked a lot, yes. And am still at it, occasionally.

    You might want not to plan a full route but just set entry and exit points and make plans on the go. Your tentative list covers most of Western Europe so I hope you have scheduled at least 3 years for the trip 😉


    • I wish! The UK, Paris, and Spain will be where I’m spending most of my time, so those schedules are pretty open. My planning generally consists of finding the most minute details of every possible trip and then having that information and choosing to do whatever anyways :p


  3. I’ve never gone backpacking before but I say, go for it! This is the best time to do it, go out there, see the world! If you really want to and you don’t go because of someone else’s fear, you will regret it. The stories I’ve heard can be a bit crazy, but keep your wits about you and I expect you’ll be fine.
    I’d buy travel insurance though. Just in case.

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