5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the French Language:

    • Well I also find English a lot easier, but as far as learning a different language Spanish is easier to learn than French because Spanish is quite like English with pronunciation rules (the letters sound different but you can sound the words out like English words) but in French it seems like every different combination of letters makes a different sound.


      • And let’s not forget that, in the majority of cases, the final consonant isn’t pronounced. What’s that all about? Why have it there if you aren’t going to say it? ‘Les auvergnats arrivent’ sounds like ‘les auvergna arrive’. Sheer silliness. Almost as silly as English pronunciation. In fact, of the languages I’ve used over the years, Swahili is among the most sensible.


  1. lol, here i’m in the opposite boat. I want to travel the Camino in Spain, so will need to learn some Spanish before I go, but being from Canada, all i have is French that i studied from grade 3 to 10.


    • Try duolingo! That’s what I’m using. Spanish is really easy once you learn the alphabet because you can sound out basically every word. If you ever want to have short conversations in Spanish about soup, hit me up!

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