How to Run a Book Review Blog


So, there are a few things you need to do in order to run a book review blog. The list below should help out anyone new to blogging or who thinks their blog could use some improvement.

First, start a blog. I happen to be partial to WordPress.

Second, read a book. Preferably nothing by Ayn Rand, but that’s just me.

Next, review the book with a clear rating, either through a number of stars (which you explain the meaning of somewhere) or simply whether or not you would recommend it to other people.

Make it easy for authors to contact you. Either put your email address up or use a contact form thing on a designated contact page. If you run a book review blog, you can get free books. If you didn’t know that, you do now. It makes it easier for authors to spam tell you about their book they’re giving away for free. All they want in return is an honest review (and if they say “give me five stars or else” just ignore them).

A note: if you do want free books but not a certain genre, make that clear. Some authors will still ignore that, but if you don’t want to receive erotica and you’re under eighteen, usually stating that clearly will reduce the probability that authors will send requests to read their naughty things against your wishes. (However, I’m not sure if stating that you’re underage could welcome other safety problems as I’m 21 and haven’t thought about cyber security in a while… but yeah, don’t be Catfished by pedophiles. And stuff. I’m off topic.)

Finally, post book reviews regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but post often enough to make sure your blog looks active. This may also encourage you to read more, which is obviously a plus.

7 thoughts on “How to Run a Book Review Blog

  1. I have to come clean and admit that I thought your title was ‘How to Ruin a Book Review Blog’ and that is why I clicked it! For several years, I ran such a blog. I started out reviewing stuff I bought and read but soon authors in my chosen genres sought me out. Some contacted me before sending things, others just sent books with a ‘Please, Please, Please!’ note.

    I agree with everything that you’ve said. I would only add one thing. Never post less than a 3 star review or a bad review without at least speaking to the author first. Some of the stuff you’ll be sent to read is just plain bad but it’s likely it took someone’s blood, sweat an tears to write it. Don’t be dishonest to your blog readers (you can choose not to write a review at all) but be sensitive to the authors who send you their work.


    • I disagree about having to consult before posting a bad review. Part of being an author is knowing that your book is out there and that some people won’t like it. If no one ever posts bad reviews, you won’t know how bad your book is and you won’t be able to improve.

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    • Haha the Ayn Rand Institute or something like that found my high school and sent us a bunch of free books for no reason so our English teacher was like “I guess we’ll try reading these.” We read the first chapter together then no one finished the book and we didn’t talk about it again :p

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