So as it turned out, life had other plans


Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado

So, blogging after a year’s absence is a bit like starting all over, so I suppose I’ll do an introduction of sorts.

My name is Bethany Charlotte, and I publish under the name of Charlotte Cyprus. Call me Bethany or Charlotte, your pick. I went solo backpacking through Europe and Thailand last fall and I plan to conduct a similar trip this October. I love pugs, nature, photography, and Chai tea. I write romance and fantasy novels, two of which you can find links to under the books tab.

I confess, I haven’t done any serious writing in about a year. Terrible, I know. I stopped working on my novels, stopped working on my side projects, and quite obviously I stopped blogging. My life changed dramatically and everything went all topsy-turby and it’s just now getting back to what I can consider normal.

love writing. I feel like maybe a part of why I felt so lost and confused while I had everything else going on was because I was missing that part of me. I wrote here and there, sure, but nothing substantial. I could have had two more books written by now! It’s just not an option to not write anymore, and so I return to my blog a changed person (well, sort of).

Now that I’m back I hope to keep sharing tips on self-publishing, writing, and editing as well as sharing my writing and connecting with the community. I will occasionally post about traveling as well since it’s become such an important thing in my life and also because I like sharing pretty pictures! Alternatively, you can just follow my instagram here @arewegoats.

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer (or winter, if you’re in Australia) out there in cyber space. Until next time!



7 thoughts on “So as it turned out, life had other plans

  1. Glad to see your back (:
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    Hope you're having an awesome day!

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