Touch of Fire: First draft is almost done!


It had been years since Enona left the tower, years since she’d met anyone new. When her father arranges a marriage to find the cure for her deadly curse, the princess must learn how to survive on her own.

Of course, things go terribly wrong right away and Enona can’t help but feel trapped in her new home. Little does she know, a servant named Soren is going through the same thing; he needs out, but he doesn’t know how to leave.

After Enona causes another death, a friend organizes an escape for the two of them, giving Enona an alias as a miller’s wife. They slip away during a tournament in honor of the royal engagement and soon find that the journey is nothing like what they expected.

I’ve hit the three-quarters point in the “first” draft and know exactly how I want to finish it. It’s taken this long because I kept losing motivation then rewriting it. However, I love where the story went. It’s a little personal, as much as a book about fairies can be.

My goal when I started writing was to make something that others enjoyed. I lost sight of that for a while, but now I’m excited to share what I think will be a fun, thoughtful, and grounded read.

I’ve also started a great new job, so that’s nice. If anyone thought I was dead, I wasn’t. Just living under a rock. But now I occasionally emerge to wear pencil skirts, so that’s nice.


Anything to add?

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