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Charlotte Cyprus is a fan of love. She enjoys writing romance and bringing new things to life through fantasy. She lives in rural Pennsylvania and owns a cat named Gemma. (Authors always include cats in their bio. Why is that?) She is 22 and has been to four continents and is always looking for a new adventure. When she can’t find one, she writes about one instead.

In addition, Charlotte Cyprus is a pen name. My real name is Bethany Charlotte. Call me Charlotte or Bethany, I don’t care. Additional hobbies include reading, sleeping, painting, and taking pretty pictures. I’ve gone solo backpacking through London, Italy, Lisbon, Paris, Thailand, and Morocco, and that’s the short list. I’m also a HUGE fan of pugs. If you like pugs we can be friends.

This blog is mainly about self-publishing and writing, but I get off track at times. I do take request for reviews (more about that here) and I love connecting with other writers and authors.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Charlotte,

    Great site and layout. I had a question. On the front page how did you get more than one menu tab? I have the same theme and I can only seem to have a “main page” tab and an “about” tab



    • You have to edit your menus in your dashboard. It’s under the appearance section I believe. Then you have to go to customize and choose that menu to be displayed (it’ll just be like menu 1 or something if you don’t name it anything special.) If that’s not clear enough, just tell me and I’ll send screenshots :p


  2. Thanks for the follow and the nice comment. I may write the rest of the story someday, but right now I’m focused on keeping my name out there in the fishing mags that are publishing my work. The Sheba story did get picked up by a lit review though. They paid me $15.00. If I think about that long enough, I’ll be reaching for a bottle–and a gun. 🙂


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