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Beyond a Dream

She watched from the tower as the world passed her by.

Normal girls had friends. They laughed, went on adventures, and fell in love. Enona didn’t know how to do those things.

A cruel fairy cursed her as a child, turning her future as a privileged princess into that of a dangerous recluse. For years her world was exactly the same until a messenger came with a letter informing her she was to journey to a new kingdom to marry an old king she’d never met.

Enona sets out with the intention of following her father’s wishes but soon learns how quickly life can stray from what she imagined it would be.

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Wild has been running her whole life from a power she never asked for. Determined to fill her life with excitement and fun, she’s done everything she could to push her dark secret from her mind. When outlaws come to her with a proposition to infiltrate the castle and switch places with the princess, she immediately accepts the job. What could be more fun than being a princess?

Daivat’s life has always been structured and orderly. He wakes every day at dawn and practices tirelessly at his knife work. His dream is to be a member of the king’s personal guard, but first he must prove himself by keeping an eye on the imposter princess while she fools visiting nobles into thinking she’s real royalty.

As the queen struggles to keep the kingdom from war and the real princess fights to survive the outlaws, Wild and Daivat must endure each other as their personalities collide. Can Daivat bring order to Wild’s life, or will Wild turn Daivat’s life upside down?

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Currently Not Available

Kiss of the Fey is undergoing construction. It will be re-released sometime this year.


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King Xenos has a heart cold as ice from a childhood curse, so how is it that he is the only one who could save Princess Johara?

Johara thinks there must be a mistake when Xenos takes her north to be his queen, but it seems as if the rest of her life must be spent living in a gloomy castle with a cold husband.

However, things might not all be as they appear. Xenos’s passion is nothing close to cold, and Johara knows there is more to his curse than he’s telling her. Will Johara turn to ice when pressured with the cold, or will Xenos set her heart aflame?

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