My Bookshelf

If you are an author who is published either with a small publishing company or who has self-published, contact me if you would like me to read your novel and write a review. Do not ask me to just give you a good review. I am a critical reader and I will be honest (and yes, that means giving you a one-star review if I think your book deserves it). A bad review is not to criticize the author, only to indicate that your story needs more work.

  • I am taking requests again. However, I am very selective in what I choose to read.
  • Fantasy and romance are my favorite genres.
  • I don’t read Christian or children books. I will ignore requests to read these.
  • If you’re worried about your book getting a bad review, look at the books below not marked “recommended” and look at the issues I found with those.

Reviewed Books:


The Boss — Erotica — Recommended

The Girlfriend (The Boss #2) — Erotica — Recommended

The Bride (The Boss #3) — Erotica — Recommended

The Ex (The Boss #4) — Erotica — Recommended

The Wolf’s Captive — Erotica — Recommended


Muse Unexpected — Urban Fantasy

The Bard’s Daughter — Fantasy/Romance

Two Novels on FictionPress — Fantasy — Recommended

Rushed — Dark Fantasy/Suspense — Recommended

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (Dosier Series #1)  — Urban Fantasy/Paranormal — Recommended

Witch Hunt (Preternatural Affairs #1) — Paranormal Mystery

Torrent (Rust & Relics #1) — Adventure/Urban Fantasy — Recommended

The Black Swan Inheritance — Urban Fantasy/New Adult –Recommended

How to Kill Yourself in a Small Town — Urban Fantasy/Crazy — Recommended

The Enterprise of Death — Historical Fiction/Fantasy — Recommended

Historical Fiction

Love, Remember Me — Historical Fiction/Erotica — Recommended

Deep Fried and Pickled — Historical Fiction/Satire — Recommended

Literary Fiction

In Her Shoes — Literary Fiction/Romance/Drama — Recommended


I’ve Got Your Number — Romance — Recommended

Hooked on the Game — Romance/New Adult

Since You’ve Been Gone — Romance

Science Fiction–

The Timekeeper’s War — Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic — Recommended

Wild Concept — Science Fiction/Adventure

Young Adult–

The Actual Real Reality of Jennifer James — Young Adult

Wake Series — Young Adult/Paranormal — Recommended

Beauty Queens — Young Adult/ Satire — Recommended

Beastly — Young Adult/Romance — Recommended

Blur — Young Adult/Urban Paranormal

When She Smiled — Young Adult/Romance

Godless — Young Adult — Recommended

Tales of The Madman Underground — Young Adult/Historical Fiction — Recommended

Evil Genius — Young Adult/Science Fiction — Recommended

Along For The Ride — Young Adult/Romance — Recommended

Lola and the Boy Next Door — Young Adult/Romance — Recommended

Anything to add?

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