Self-Publishing Resources


Common editing mistakes
Self-publishing tips on editing
Trusted editor with low rates
Trusted editor with low rates


Self-publishing tips on covers
Amazing cover artist with low rates
You can possibly get a free cover here if you ask nicely

Interior Formatting

Self-publishing tips on interior formatting
Detailed post on page numbers


Self-publishing tips on marketing
Improve your blog’s visibility
Tracking your reviews
Amazon Free eBook Promotion
Trusted marketing service
List of reviewers who take indie books
Self-promotion Etiquette

Marketing Materials

How to make a book trailer
Teaser graphics for your book

Say NO to Vanity Presses!

I spy a vanity press
How to spot a vanity press


Drawing Maps for your Fantasy World

Are you writing the right story?
Dealing With a Bad Review

Author Dos

Author Don’ts

The stigma of self-publishing
Just because you CAN self-publish doesn’t mean you should
How NOT to self-publish
Brief self-publishing checklist

Another blogger’s resource page
A resource page with publishing steps and definitions


Anything to add?

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