Two Great Reads On FictionPress

I’m a really harsh critic when it comes to what I read. I want it to sound professionally written. I can get past only so much awkward phrasing, no matter how good the plot, before I’m ready to rip my hair out. After being disappointed in the last two Indie books I’ve reviewed (actually, I don’t know if The Boss is Indie or not, I say no) I decided that I would post the links to the only two novels I ever finished and favorited on FictionPress. (I used to use the site to post my own work until I had an entire novel of mine stolen and posted for sale on Amazon.)

But anyways, here are the stories. It’s always nice to have access to free novels~

Title: Glass
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Summary: “Beauty and the Beast retelling. When a selfish prince makes a bad decision, his entire staff suffers. Years later, a young woman affected by the same curse arrives at his castle to break the spell. Can she save him and break the curse on herself?”
Comments: This made for a fun read. The writing isn’t quite up to publishing standards, but it’s good enough.

Title: The Silver Tower
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Summary: “This is not the tale of Rapunzel. There was no damsel in distress in the topmost room, mournfully waiting for her well built lover to gallop forth on his mighty steed. There was a damsel, aye, but she was an angry peasant girl whose name was Saran…”
Comments: I thought that this was a brilliant plot. I loved the characters, loved the setting, loved the plot, and loved the ending. I so, so loved the ending.