I finally got a Kindle

I was one of those people who always insisted that hard copies were superior to eBooks, but it became pretty hypocritical of me considering I have an eBook for sale on Amazon. I don’t really buy that many eBooks, but I do download lots of free ones, and since I put my name on the indie book review site, I’ve been getting lots of free copies to review, and sometimes I just don’t feel like reading it on my computer.

I just got the most basic Kindle, the cheapest one they have. It has the same charger as my phone, which is wonderful, and I can make the font small enough that I don’t have to change the page too fast even though I’m a pretty fast reader. The only problem is that they don’t sell cases small enough for that Kindle in stores (it’s 6 inches) so I had to get a bigger case that zips up, rather than the notebook-like cases you usually see.

I will now spend the following vacation time dealing with learning how to use a touch screen :p