I should write porn.


I would get so many hits. I mean, I write very mild erotica, but that’s not enough. I need to write picture videos. I just love picture videos. And in HD!

So, how about a funny story that has to relevance to anything? At work we’re getting ready to shut down for a remodel and so everyone is talking about which of the other two stores they’re going to transfer to. The two managers were talking about store 2 and the one manager mentioned, “God, Charity is there. I hate Charity.”

“Um, she got fired, didn’t you hear?” asked manager two.

“No. What for?”

“There was some scandal. Charity went up to this one black girl and asked if she could have a naked picture of her for her boyfriend,” said manager two.

I died.

Like, why wouldn’t you just Google that? Why would you ask someone? I guess the store is just lucky she didn’t go ask a customer for one, but still. That’s my story for the day. I hope you all are having a good one.