What We Do in The Shadows


The movie is a mockumentary about vampires living together. The oldest is Peter, who doesn’t say much.


The kind of leader of the group is Viago, who is very soft spoken for a vampire.


Deacon is “kind of like the young bad boy of the group.”


And Vladislav is just kinda crazy.


Everyone needs to watch it. It’s the one of the most brilliant movies I’ve ever seen. I may have had to watch it through less than legal sources, but it’s not yet available in the United States as far as I’m aware, so I don’t know about other countries, but you can find it online.

Basically, Deacon is the best:


Hey guys - Imgur

The Third Hobbit Movie, Directed by G. R. R. Martin

So, I’m not a big Lord of the Rings fan, to be honest. I liked the movies alright and I enjoyed reading The Hobbit, but it was never a big deal for me.

My boyfriend is a huge Tolkien fan though, so we went to see the Hobbit (and got to drive back through freezing rain, but sure, it was worth it). I enjoyed the movie, and it’d been a while since I’d read the book, so I kinda forgot who died. (Oh, right, spoilers if you haven’t seen it or read the book).

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