My Bookshelf: Witch Hunt


Title: Witch Hunt

Series: Preternatural Affairs #1

Author: SM Reine

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Amazon Summary:

A brutal murder.
There are scratches on Cèsar Hawke’s arms, a discharged Glock on his coffee table, and a dead woman in his bathtub. Yeah, maybe he brought the waitress home for some fun — he was too drunk to remember it — but he knows for a fact that he didn’t kill her. He’s an agent with the Office of Preternatural Affairs. He doesn’t hurt people. He saves them.

The cops disagree. Now Cèsar is running.

The search for a shaman.
Isobel Stonecrow speaks with the dead…for the right price. She brings closure to the bereaved and heals broken hearts. But when she resurrects someone for the wrong client, she ends up on the OPA’s most wanted list.

One risky solution.
Tracking down Isobel is the last case assigned to Cèsar before he bolts. If he finds her, he can prove that he didn’t kill that waitress. He can clear his name, get his job back, and bring justice to the victim.

She’s just one witch. Cèsar has bagged a dozen witches before.

How hard can one more be?”

My Summary:
This guy is a supernatural cop who is really buff. He’s framed for murder, he finds this chick, they go to Helltown, then they find out what happened.


  • It kept my interest, I guess. I mean, I finished it. I wanted to know what happened.
  • I liked the witchy part of it, but it did get a little silly with the strength pellets and whatnot.


  • I read it pretty recently, but it’s already fading. It just wasn’t anything special.
  • There was a constant oh, I can’t trust this person. Or this person. Or this person. But in the end, everyone was trustworthy, and literally the entire book would have been solved in a single chapter if the guy accused of murder would have just talked to his boss.
  • I didn’t care about the main character at all. He was pretty blah.

Would I recommend this book?:
No. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It was just bleh. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5, if I was inclined to ratings. The end left me very unsatisfied.

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My Bookshelf: Wake Series


Title: Wake/Fade/Gone

Author: Lisa McMann

Genre: Young Adult/ Paranormal

Amazon summary:
“Janie Hannagan gets sucked into other people’s dreams. It’s an ability she always kept secret—until she met Cabel, and found herself with the best (secret) boyfriend ever. But Janie and Cabel are about to find out just how dark Janie’s future as a Dream Catcher is… and whether Cabel will be a part of it.”

My summary:
Janie gets sucked into people’s dreams. She can’t control it until she finds someone like her to guide her in her dream-catching. She meets a boy and begins working with the police to untangle the dreams of criminals. She has a lot of shit to deal with, having grown up on the wrong side of town, and it gets worse when her dream-catcher mentor reveals what it really means to catch dreams.


  • I like that Janie isn’t one of those run-of-the-mill middle class white girl narrators. Well, she’s white, but she’s poor as fuck with an alcoholic mother.
  • It’s pretty well written. Obviously, it was a best-seller, so it isn’t a piece of shit.
  • It’s a fun read. I’ve reread it a few times and don’t get tied of it.

Jeers (possible spoilers):

  • I feel like Cabel cries too often. And it’s really weird when he does, like the author doesn’t want to write a weak male character so she doesn’t go into any detail other than to say he’s crying but she needs him to cry to make him more likable.
  • I hated how it was present tense. Some of the time it just didn’t work, I don’t think.
  • The end seemed rushed. Like just all of a sudden she was going to AA meetings and then she planned to enter her mother’s dream? I guess where it ended worked, but it could’ve used another chapter or two.

Would I recommend it?:
Yep! The whole series is fun. The relationship between Janie and Cabel gets a little unrealistic at times, but for such an interesting plot I think it can be forgiven. Get used copies with the above covers, though. The new ones look stupid.

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My Bookshelf: Muse Unexpected


Title: Muse Unexpected

Author: V.C. Birlidis

Genre: Urban Fantasy?

Amazon Summary:

“We’re Muses. Not vampires, not fairies, not werewolves. We’re Muses.” Sophie was sure her mother had reached an epic level of crazy. ‘We’re Muses?’ She thought Muses were lame, not to mention she found the idea ridiculous. However, Sophie couldn’t explain away her physical transformation that made Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries look like a bad Walmart make-over, not to mention why her mood swings triggered an uncontrollable ability to shoot powerful bursts of energy out of her hands.

Sophie soon realizes modern day Muses have evolved into powerful guardians of humankind, tasked with keeping mortals on the right path and the original Olympians locked away from the world. But old hatreds don’t die easily, especially for immortal enemies that have an eternity to plot and gather their forces. Well aware of the Fates’ foretelling of another Olympian war, and a young Muse that would rise up as a warrior and defeat them, the Olympians have vowed to either possess Sophie or destroy her. Either way, they will make sure everyone associated with their imprisonment will reap an eternal damnation in the Underworld, leaving the Olympians to restore Mount Olympus and force humankind into a future of never-ending servitude and misery.

My Summary:

This girl goes and claims her birthright of being a Muse and then gets struck by lightening and then this other woman is thinking about PTA meetings and her daughter is also a character but she really has no personality and I guess stuff happens.


  • I guess it’s an original idea?

Jeers (Possible Spoilers):

  • The start is boring. I skimmed it, mostly. It was too much boring description about a girl I didn’t care about. Also, it was gross. I don’t want to pick up a book and immediately read that they ripped their fingernail completely off.
  • Why is Callie talking out loud when she is alone? People don’t do that, not in complete sentences. This is just bad writing. She actually goes between thinking and replying to her thoughts out loud.
  • Way too many long-winded descriptions. He’s not a good enough writer to make it interesting. I skimmed most of the long paragraphs because there was no point to them.
  • We’re on the third chapter and so far there is nothing linking Georgia and Callie. This shouldn’t be something held off as a mysterious thing, if I don’t know why they’re connected why the hell should I care about them? Say it immediately, don’t wait for no reason.
  • None of the characters talk realistically.
  • The line about her father dying was the most terrible delivery I’ve ever read and the characters handled it unrealistically. I feel no sympathy for them. They get over it in about a second. I mourned a torn pair of jeans longer than they mourned for their father/husband.
  • She calls her mother by her first name. This is not a thing that happens. I am about done with this book.
  • Boat captains can’t really marry people unless you’re on a cruise ship and you’re in international waters and they are otherwise authorized to do so. Overall, this is unrealistic and based off of a Hollywood misconception. Also, why would they take a boat to America from Greece?
  • I couldn’t read past chapter six. Maybe I’ll come back and update this if I get the energy to try again, but by chapter six you should have the reader hooked, not wishing all the characters would die suddenly.

Would I recommend it?:

Absolutely not. It was impossible to like any of the characters or to get hooked on the story. I couldn’t finish it. I had high hopes for it so I was really disappointed. It’s an example of why people make fun of books that are published by small publishers, not to mention it’s eight dollars just for the Kindle edition on Amazon. I just give this book a big fat nope.

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