Some Delayed Vacation Pictures

I’ve been meaning to share my pretty pictures for a while. I went to Florida over break, including Disney, Universal, Clearwater Beach, and the Everglades. So, in no particular order:

















I’ll keep writing anyway!

I'll also keep taking pictures!

I’ll also keep taking pictures!

I can’t quit my day job because I have student loans to repay. I’ll keep writing anyway.

I have one friend who thinks I’m going to sell millions of copies of my books (unrealistic) but basically everyone else just says “meh” when I say I’ve already published one book. I’ll keep writing anyway.

The attitude today seems to be that anyone can write a novel. Oh well. I’ll keep writing anyway.

I’ve only reached a handful of people with my blog, and even fewer with my book. I’ll keep writing anyway.

I might not be the next big hit, or even a hidden gem among writers. I might just be average. I’ll keep writing anyway.

My books aren’t some literary explosion of genius, they’re just meant to entertain. I’ll keep writing anyway!

There’s no daily reward for my work. I don’t save lives or change people’s outlook on life. Each word can sometimes be a struggle, and I don’t see the fruits of my labor until months after I write that first word. I’ll keep writing anyway!

I don’t have a writing nook. I don’t have scheduled writing hours that I can write. I don’t have a ritual, I don’t have time to write some days, and sometimes I feel like the real world has sucked out all of my writing energy. I’ll keep writing anyway!

My professors are not amused. Too biased. Too personal. Try to be serious. I’ll keep writing anyway!

I can’t write everything I want without giving up my real life. I’ll keep writing anyway!

I need to keep my apartment clean and make time for my boyfriend. I can’t skip showering to write, and I need to eat at some point. Sleep, too. I’ll keep writing anyway!

Life will go on. I’ll keep writing anyway!


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Sometimes I forget how beautiful everything is

a beach

a beach

a dock

a dock

a path

a path

a bird

a bird

a wave

a wave

a seashell

a seashell


I took these up at Lake Erie the other day. I read so much sometimes that I come to appreciate the beautiful things that good authors have written down more than the actual beauties around me. I’ll read about the beautiful rainbow or the motley colors of court and forget that I’m really only looking at a black and white page, and then when I go outside and see how beautiful nature really is it’s like I’m seeing the colors for the first time.

In other news, I really love my camera. If only I happened to have a castle on hand, I could take pictures of the perfect cover art for my novel! I might still do that, just find whatever I decide to represent my novel on the cover and just take a million pictures of it until I’m satisfied. If it was a modern novel or some young adult romance I would have six amazing options to chose from already, but that’s not the case.

Here is the cover I think I’m going to go with:

snow 064