Have you been writing as much as you should?

I’ve decided to take the week off from blogging and get some real writing done. I don’t know how well this will actually work, but I’m determined not to get on here until next Sunday unless I see that I have a comment or something that needs attention. I’ve had some writer’s block on A Game of Madness and I need to get past that to get myself past the 40,000 mark in the story. It’s at a lull at the moment, and I want to get it done. I want to publish books fairly regularly once Kiss of The Fey is out, so I want A Game of Madness done by October at the latest so that I can set it aside for a little bit, edit, then have it ready for the new year. In the mean time, I’ll work on The Wildness Within (which is going to be super exciting because the main character is ridiculous).

But for now, I need to focus on A Game of Madness. After my week is up I’ll go crazy trying to find people to review Kiss of The Fey and making sure it’s all formatted for Kindle.

If anyone else is behind on writing like I am, I invite you to write with me! Just put aside this week and write like crazy until next Sunday. My summer writing goals have been shit, so hopefully this will push me along to where I wanted to be.

I think this post needs a picture.

There we go.

There we go.