Random Writing Prompts

Anyone out of ideas for a story? Anyone tired of their current project and want to get sidetracked for a few hundred words? Well I’ve got some writing prompts for y’all. (I’m trying out this whole y’all thing. I’m not from the south but it’s such an efficient way of saying “you guys.”)

  • Write a story in the POV of an inanimate object. (Alright so this is just because I wrote a story in the POV of a banana but whatever.)
  • Write a story with only dialogue.
  • Write about something that happens in the great outdoors.
  • Write about something that happens in a fast food restaurant.
  • Write about someone being in incredible pain. (Emotional or physical, whichever.)
  • Write a character who swears every time they talk. (This may be me. The other night at work I called a chicken sandwich a “son of a whore.” Don’t be afraid to get creative.)
  • Write a story that starts off angry and ends up happy.
  • Write a story featuring two people with sexual or gender orientations you’ve never written about before.
  • Write about an argument such as dogs vs. cats or Pepsi vs. Coke. Kill off the loser.
  • Write about a serial killer doing the things in his mundane life.

Go crazy, guys. Make sure you post to your story below if you end up writing one.

The Peelers

I was born for one purpose. My duty in life is to provide nourishment to the Peelers, to help fuel their lives by giving my own. My life was dark for some time, a flash of brightness before I and my brothers were taken away from our home. I don’t know how much time passed between then and now, but here I sit surrounded by my brothers waiting to be chosen, to be given my chance to live.

I am still a young creature, firm and green like my brothers. I know that now, in the Choosing Place, is a critical time for us. If we are allowed to age on these shelves, we will die uneaten. Our coats will rot and we will turn to slime and there will be only regret and despair until there is nothing more. Our lives will be a waste.

We are thrown carelessly into a basket by a Peeler, all of my brothers and I. I am filled with joy to know that we have passed this critical test. We circle the Choosing Place as distant cousins and foreign things are thrown into the basket next to us. We come to the Gates of Freedom in the Choosing Place and the Handler puts us in bags for the Peeler.

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Will my college bookstore have condoms?


Well, do you live in the deep south at a private school? If so, the answer might be no. I know someone who goes to school in Mississippi and the prefects will fine her if she swears and church is mandatory, so if that’s your school I doubt they give out condoms at the bookstore. However, I’m sure most public universities or large universities have condoms either in the bookstore or in the health services office (along with free cough drops and shit medical advice).

If you have to, ask an RA for condoms. Like, colleges don’t want you getting pregnant and infected with STI’s. If you ask for condoms, you shall receive.

/random advice

And now I shall share a lovely quote from my sociology professor’s lecture today: “Kids are stupid. Teenagers are stupid. Arranged marriages came about because young people are morons. You’re all horny morons. You got went vagina and hard penises and you can’t be trusted with these kinds of decisions! That’s why we let the old people decide for you, because they don’t have went vagina and hard penises so they can think straight!”

But what WILL happen when all the boys are gone?


Excuse my sloppy highlighting.

I’m pretty sure that by this point we have the technology to continue on if all the men suddenly disappeared for whatever reason. We’d just raid the sperm banks and impregnate ourselves and in like 18 years there would be new men in the population. Of course, the men to women ratio would be way off, but I’m sure eventually enough boys would be born and enough women would die off that it’d be equal again. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, other than the fact that we’d all lose our male loved ones. Minor detail.

Can someone please explain this to me?


I don’t understand. Is this is how people are finding my blog? Period stains? Granted, as a girl I know ALL about period stains, but still. Maybe I should start blogging about periods instead of chickens.

(Random misplaced shout-out to those who get annoying periods: Look into a menstrual cup. Might make a full post about it later, but for now trust me it’s a lifesaver.)