Self-publishing verses Traditional Publishing

I’ve thought about it and I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to go straight for self-publishing. I think it’s just the better choice for me. Here is the basics of what I got of the pros and cons for both sides.

Traditional Publishing:

  • Pro- They have more resources. They will makes sure your book is seen.
  • Con- Not all publishing houses accept submissions if you don’t have an agent. I absolutely cannot afford an agent.
  • Pro- You’ll get a cash advance. If your book does good, they’ll want another one. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.
  • Con- It can take years to get published. Only submitting to reputable (not the vanity presses) publishers who take 6+ months to give you a yes or not who accept unsolicited submissions in my genre.
  • Pro- People will probably take you more seriously if you’re traditionally published.
  • Con- You WILL have to give up some control to editors and cover artists to please the publishers.


  • Pro- You have complete control over everything, assuming Amazon isn’t a dick about anything.
  • Con- You need to figure out how to do everything. This can include marketing, editing, formatting for both ebooks and paperbacks, and cover art. No publisher is going to help you come up with that snappy title that everyone will love.
  • Pro- It doesn’t take that much time. Once you’re finished writing you can publish it the next day. If you do well, you can start earning good money in the time that it would’ve taken a traditional publisher to say, “Okay, let’s talk about your submission.”
  • Con- There is no advance. You may only make $1.28 in ten years. You HAVE to find readers who LOVE your story.
  • Pro- Again, you control everything.
  • Con- People might not take you seriously. They might think you write terrible fanfiction about Ginny and Voldemort.

There you have it. Basically, I don’t want to wait for traditional publishing or give up control. The hardest part for me is going to be marketing. I mean, I have 169 followers, maybe ten of which read my posts semi-regularly. I don’t even have a Twitter, and I don’t know that many people. But I got this. It might take 4 years to make more than $1.28, but I got this.

I’ve also decided on using a pen name for sure for my adult novels. I even have it all figured out. It fits my genre, is easy to remember, and doesn’t (yet) show up on Google. So wooo to that. Now I just need to finish editing Kiss of The Fey. If anyone would like to give me a donation so that I can get a new computer/power cord, I would gladly accept it. I’ve typed this whole post with one hand so that I can hold my charger in with my right hand. Poo to everything.