I have to “white wash” my book cover

InĀ Kiss of The Fey, my main character Johara is from the south. She has darker skin like that of an Indian/Mexican. Not black, just tan. I finally found a stock image of a girl I can use for the cover, only…. she’s pale white. Like, really white. I don’t think I have the photo editing skills necessary to darken her like she should be.

Still, I FINALLY FOUND A GOOD IMAGE TO USE FOR MY COVER. I was okay with the other one, but it was a little blah. I took cover requests on the nano forums (warning people that they would be shit) so that I could improve my photo editing skills… and it actually worked. Or, at the very least, I learned how to finally use layers right.

But anyways, I now think I know some of the issues behind white washing the characters on the covers of books. White people are sometimes just easier to find.