Where are your stories set?

This might seem a little redundant to say, but when I write high fantasy, I’m writing about a fictional place. However, I didn’t just make it up out of nowhere. I roughly based the continent in Kiss of The Fey on America’s geography. I imagine the north being Canada, the south being Florida, and I base the¬†weather and the seasons accordingly based on where the story fell between those. It’s a lot easier that way, rather than making up all the geographical features, the weather, the seasons, and distances from one city to another.

When writing anything else, I tend to write a¬†pretend, vague version of a real location. I live north of Pittsburgh, so I tend to write stories based in Pennsylvania. I don’t flat out say the town that it takes place in, but I describe it as a rural area north of Pittsburgh and make up schools and mom and pop-type hangout spots. I don’t see the point of setting a book in a location you know nothing about just to make it seem shiny unless it’s relevant to the plot.

Where do you write your books? I’m interested in knowing how you do about creating the setting to your story?